Md Aslamul Haque MP

Chairman of Maisha Group
Mr. Md Aslamul Haque is a distinguished self-achieved and renowned Entrepreneur & Businessman. He is the founder & Chairman of MAISHA GROUP, one of the leading business conglomerates in Bangladesh. Starting from 1992 with a vision of ‘market maker and shaper, Mr. Aslam has been one of leading businessman in the country over the years. Maisha Group started its operation with Maisha Property Development Ltd, as its flagship.

Under the aegis of the Group’s first concern, Maisha Property has turned out to be very successful and gained immense trust and confidence of the clients and providers.

With the gained experience and ramifications of this success, Maisha Group has consciously decided to invest in new areas where the Group now has 14 major concerns. They are Maisha Holding Pte Ltd, Maisha Property Development Ltd, Mahim Real Estate Ltd, Aswat Consumer Product Ltd, CLC Power Company Ltd, Dhaka West Power Ltd, Dhaka North Power Utility Co. Ltd, Mahim Leisure & Associates Ltd, Mahim Trade Link Ltd, Hi-Tech Agro and Beverage Ltd, Asia Ship Breaking and Builders Ltd, Interlink Recycle Ltd, Dayking Corporation Ltd & Crystal Ready Mix Ltd.

Political Background

He is serving the nation politically, socially, economically and morally for the last 25 years. At present he is holding the following posts of Bangladesh Government:

  • Honorable Member of the Parliament, 187 Dhaka-14, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Honorable Member, House Committee of Parliament & Standing Committee on Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.